Pricing List

Prices are based on size of painting, unless the painting is on sale. All in inches.

  • 4×4 $30.00
  • 4×6 $40.00
  • 5×7 $45.00
  • 8×8 $50.00
  • 10×10 $60.00
  • 12×12 $75.00
  • 16×16 $95.00
  • 12×24 $115.0
  • 20×20 $150.00
  • 24×24 $215.00
  • 24×30 $230.00
  • 24×36 $350.00
  • 30×30 $400.00
  • 30×40 $425.00
  • 36×36 $450.00
  • 40×40 $550.00
  • 48×48 $800.00

There are more sizes, just ask!

Larger sizes (greater than 48x 48 inches) are based on each custom piece, however the price will be relative to size.

HST is already included in all prices.

Prices will increase in January 2021.

Custom Pieces (and payments)

Love what you see, but it is sold, or you wish it were a different colour or size? I can do that! The best part is I guarantee my work; don’t love it, don’t buy it. Payments can be made after work is finished unless it is a custom size that I have to order separately, then a deposit is required (this refers to sizes not commonly found in the art supply store).

All work is guaranteed. If you do not love the painting, I will issue a full refund within two weeks of the return of the work. I accept payment plans (up to six months to pay, instalment increments are up to the buyer within that time frame (monthly, two payments, etc.).

I try to make the process fun! I want you to love it. I will share progress pictures, or you can choose to wait until the end to see if you love it. I love to paint, so I enjoy the process no matter the outcome.

Let’s paint!